You know that feeling when you find the perfect vacation rental? You think about how much fun you’ll have, and you can’t wait to book it. But then your friend tells you about another place they stayed at on their last trip that was way cheaper, so naturally, you start to second guess yourself. And while saving money is great (and we love saving money), booking directly with a vacation home provider like Elevate Vacation Homes has other benefits too! Here are five things that booking through us means for your next trip:

Get the best rate and save money

When you book directly with the host, you get a guaranteed availability rate. This means you won’t have to worry about having your booking canceled because of Airbnb’s service fees. Plus, these services fees are not advertised until after you’ve made a booking and are part of your total amount due at checkout. You’ll never see them until it’s too late! But when you book directly with the host, they will give their best price right away (and often times lower than any offer on marketplaces).

Better deals and promotions

When you book directly, you’ll get access to the best deals and promotions. This is because hotels often offer lower rates to direct bookers than they do through third-party sites. For example, many hotels offer seasonal discounts and other promotions that aren’t always available when booking through Airbnb or If you’re traveling during an off-peak time of year—like in June after graduation or during the off-season in winter—you’ll likely find some great deals if you book directly with a hotel chain instead of using Airbnb or’s booking widget.

Exclusive recommendations and local knowledge

If you’re looking to explore a new city, the best way to do so is by engaging in local activities. By booking directly with an Airbnb host, you can get personalized recommendations and be sure that they know the community well enough to give you good advice about what’s happening around town.

When I visited Paris last year, my host recommended an art exhibit at a museum that was about two miles away from where I was staying. It was one of my favorite things about the trip!

Personalized communication and better interaction

When you book directly with us, we are at your service. We will provide a personal touch to all the travel plans you make. This is much more than what other sites offer. When you book through another site, you could be dealing with any number of people; at our site, it is just me!

Provide quality customer service that goes beyond expectations. Your needs are my priority and I will do anything to meet them as best as possible. Whether it’s a question about local transportation or making sure your room is ready for arrival early in the morning, I’m here for you!
My goal is always to provide excellent customer service because I know from past experience how important this can be when traveling abroad without being familiar with everything about where one places their feet next day after day on vacation (or business trip).

Curated collection of vacation homes for you

With Elevate Vacation Homes, you can choose from a curated collection of vacation homes. Our vacation homes are handpicked by our team and we have a wide range of vacation homes in New York, Martha’s Vineyard and more.

AirBnb has an un-curated collection of homes available for booking which may not be as trustworthy or easy to book.

Stewart Cottage | Martha’s Vineyard

Booking directly gives you the option to book only when you’re ready and avoid paying additional fees that are associated with booking through 3rd party sites like AirBnb and

Booking directly with Elevate Vacation Homes will save you money and time. We’ll take care of all the details so that you can spend less time worrying about booking your next vacation and more time enjoying it! Plus, booking directly with Elevate Vacation Homes will give you a better experience. You won’t have to worry about hidden fees or hidden costs, because we offer transparent pricing from start to finish.


There are a lot of great benefits to booking directly. You get to save money and have the best experience possible on your vacation, plus you can feel good knowing you’re supporting local businesses when you stay with Elevate Vacation Homes. We hope this blog post was helpful for anyone who is considering booking directly or using AirBnB next time they book their next vacation home!